Writing. The way it should be.

The big challenge with writing is organizing all your ideas.
Speare is a new kind of writing tool designed from the ground up to keep you flowing from your first thought to project completion.
Say hello to the future of writing.

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Two ways to work with your content

Board View
Doc View
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Board view lets you work with any combination of ideas side-by-side. This is your secret weapon for writing without getting blocked.

Doc view merges the boards in your outline into a familiar linear document so you can see how your ideas flow as they come together.

* Speare is a web app with a responsive UI which enables it to run in the browser on your iPhone and Android.
There is currently no Speare app for the App store or Google Play store.

Writer’s block is like a traffic jam. Open up more lanes for writing.

Imagine a freeway where every car has its own lane. With Speare, every idea can move forward on its own board — nothing can slow you down. Open up a passing lane and blow past the blockage.

A whole new way to build docs.

As you add boards to the outline, your document grows. Rearrange your ideas in the outline and switch to Doc View to see how everything is flowing together. It's a whole new way to outline — done right.

Create a workspace for every project

A workspace is a place to organize ideas, create a document, write a book — anything you want. Create as many workspaces as you like and switch between them with ease.

A completely new take on the mechanics of writing

Writing in Speare is a little different than other tools. Instead of giving you an oversized page to stare at, we give you a writing surface that keeps you moving. Sure it's small, but it makes a huge impact.

A better input method

Loosely inspired by texting, Speare's unique writing surface is just big enough to hold one thought at a time. When you hit enter, your thought is submitted to the board and your writing surface refreshed so you can move on to your next thought with confidence. And because it's anchored to the bottom of the board, you can scroll through your other thoughts independently of the content you're working on.

Capture ideas with precision

Capture your next idea exactly where it needs to go. If you need to write a new thought somewhere specific, drag the the text box directly to that spot. All new entries will land in that position until you reset the text box.

Format with markdown

Speare takes a minimalist approach to formatting. The text box has a menu of formatting options that you can get to by clicking the "drag/grip" icon.

Comedian ventriloquist uses Speare to simplify his script writing process.

Peace of mind

Private & Encrypted

All your data is fully secure with industry-standard encryption. Your content is for your eyes only.

Automatic Backups

All data is automatically backed-up, so there’s no need to worry about losing your hard work.

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Here's what our customers are saying

Speare is a revolution in writing! There is no other product like it on the market.

Tomáš Leidl

Speare makes me feel like a writing ninja.

Chris Brogan

Speare gives me the tools and freedom to write and create the way that I think.

Jason Skinner

Finally, a word processor that works the way my brain is wired.

Henry TePaske

I can’t remember a product affecting my life so immediately in a positive way in a very long time.

Derek C.

Thank you for creating an incredible tool. It has enriched my life; for that, I am grateful.

Tom S.

I found Speare to be an efficient and natural way to capture, organize and prepare my messages.

Scott Reavely

Thanks again for stellar customer service. I hope it pays off for you and the Speare team as more users realize the value of the technical support.

David Reynolds

What I love about Speare is that there is no easier way to create new content and to be more creative.

Pieter Frijters

I’ve started Chapter 1 on my book and I am getting so much farther along because of Speare.

Dr. Daniel P. David, PhD

I have copied and pasted from documents into Speare from outside sources and I absolutely LOVE that [building block] feature. It really helps me get quotes and ideas into my thought library quickly. We are loving the program.

Anne Ferguson

Speare is like having a private tutor. I have never felt as comfortable expressing my written ideas, thoughts or completing assignments for school. For so many years, I have struggled with writing papers of all kinds in undergraduate as well as graduate school, sorting out my ideas, getting started, etc. I have even tried other apps which in my opinion is no comparison.

Joyce Campbell

I thoroughly enjoyed making use of your product and tools! In a matter of seconds, I had more material formatted than I’ve tried to do on my own over the years. Great job! I needed this tool and am truly in high gratitude to the creators and crew of the service.

Ethan Daley

I’m delighted with the many, many videos you’ve put up with ultra clear demonstrations.
For years I’ve been collecting information for another book and just couldn’t get past my pile of disconnected data. The Speare library idea will make that task a breeze.

Sarah Meredith

We saw your video while watching youtube. [My son] said: "This works how I think!"


I’m really loving your thought processor.

Jonel Fernando

I am really enjoying increased productivity that Speare is making possible for me. Having the flexibility to contribute my ideas to projects as they come up versus "sitting down" and being "stumped" with writer’s block is a life changing experience indeed.

David Simms

Your app was suggested as a replacement for the soon-to-be-retired Airstory, and I am excited to find it!

Coach Pamela Mitchell

I’ve been spreading the word to all my colleagues, friends in ministry, and the students at the Veteran’s Resource Center.

Mark Diaz