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How to Write with the Speare Method

A quick overview of the Speare Method and its 4 main components. the Space, Boards, Text Box, and Building Blocks. These 4 components are what make creating content and building documents efficient and so much fun.

How to Write and Edit with Speare

Speare gives you the freedom and flexibility to write the way you're wired. When you're writing in Speare, you're more easily able to flow by quickly getting your thoughts written down and progressing to the next thought. helping you to avoid the urge to edit.

Working with Spaces in Speare

The Spaces feature in Speare is for working with several projects at the same time. They give us the flexiblity and the ability to focus on a project quickly and jump to other projects as we need.

How to Collaborate in Speare

Speare takes the most prolific writing interface in the world (text messaging) and combines it with the power of word processing to make short work of writing and collaboration. Just like you capture your thoughts in your thought library in Speare, you can recruit others to work with you on writing projects and capture their thoughts, too.

How to Compile Boards into Documents

Speare is a flexible writing tool that lets you use a divide and conquer method of making large documents simpler. If you're writing a book or a course, Speare lets you assign a chapter or section per board. Then you can organize the boards in the order you want and compile it all together.

How to Start a Project from Scratch

Speare uses a building block paradigm for creating and managing writing projects. Enter the main sections of your project as building blocks and drag and drop them to create clickable board links. Then arrange them in the order you want them compiled.

How To Create a Projects Board

Speare is a Thought Processor. Speare puts the emphasis on collecting and organizing draggable thoughts rather than on counting words. Speare lets you connect thoughts to create ideas and then lets you stitch the ideas together to make documents in the arrangement you want. Because of building blocks and side-by-side boards, large writing projects become exceedingly easy to manage.