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Easily turn your notes into valuable content

10X your ability to take notes and turn them into articles, books, courses, and documents, etc.

What do you take notes for?

So you're a copious note taker. You take notes as a way to remember things, as a way to think and learn, for archiving and recall. Have you ever thought about what else you could do with those notes?

Your notes are a gold mine

Did you ever think you could repurpose your notes to create professional documents or books? You could create blog articles, documentation, technical documents, e-books, courses, performance reviews, books, and so much more. Your notes are a gold mine.

Having the right tool for the job

If you have the right tool for the job, recalling your notes and connecting them to produce meaningful content not only becomes possible, but it gives you more value in terms of the content you need to produce in the form of articles, social media posts, documents, book reports, essays, books, technical documentation, etc. 

Speare is the tool for the job

Speare is a thought processor. It captures and stores everything you write in encapsulated thought blocks. These thought blocks get stored in your personal thought library. No matter how random your ideas come to you or wherever you put your notes in Speare, you can quickly and easily retrieve these blocks of thought and connect them to create all kinds of content for all kinds of uses.

Your notes are your knowledge base

Each note you take is a retrievable connectible thought that you can use to build ideas, use for problem-solving, or use to write your book, as well. Instead of thinking of your notes as just notes, think of them now in Speare as your knowledge base.

Notes are like building blocks

In Speare, your notes are like building blocks that you can move around on boards to create valuable content, even the book you've always wanted to write.

5 Easy Steps to Turning Notes into Articles, Books, Courses, Documentation, Etc...

  1. Start by capturing your notes and thoughts in Speare.

  2. When you're ready to write something, open multiple search boards and search your existing notes with the keywords of the topic your writing about.

  3. Drag-n-drop your content from the search boards into categories on a new board or boards, as needed. Note: each board could represent a chapter you could link together to form your book.

  4. Logically organize the content on the board(s).

  5. Rewrite the content, edit it, and format it, as needed and post it on your Speare channel or export it.

OK. Maybe that's more than 5 steps, but they are easy because writing with building blocks on side-by-side boards makes writing a breeze. So, sign up for Speare today and change how you write notes and how you turn them into valuable content.

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