Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Hi there! This is Nathaniel.

I'm going to show you how Speare is designed to help you build and compile documents efficiently.

The Speare interface has four components that help us get into the right mindset for compiling documents using a building block paradigm—a flexible and fluid system for creating documents.

The four components are...



the Text Box

and Building Blocks

A Space is where you open boards and arrange them in the order you want to work with them.

When you're ready to preview the document, you can select the compile button to stitch all the open boards into one document.

Then you can post them to your Speare channel, save them as drafts or PDFs, or print them out.

Boards are for organizing building blocks of thoughts and ideas into categories, sections, or chapters.

The text box at the bottom of the board is the primary place you add new thoughts and ideas. It's where you do your initial writing.

When you hit Enter or the plus icon, the text you enter is automatically encapsulated in a movable editable building block.

Building blocks are where your working text comes alive.

It's where what you write can be organized at the thought level.

It's where you can edited and rewrite and hone your work at the building block level.

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