Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Hi there! This is Nathaniel.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to move building blocks and boards.

But first, I'll quickly create a checklist of the locations we'll be moving building blocks to and check them off as we go through them. There are 6 drop-zones for building blocks.

Inside a paragraph

Into another paragraph

Into a new paragraph

Into a nested position

Into an open board

and Into a new "Untitled" board

I'll nest these 6 building blocks under our caption. I'll select the first one and hold the shift key and select the last one. This selects the whole group.

Note: to do this on the smartphone select the first one in the list then long hold the last one.

To create a task list, click the "List" icon to the left of the "New Board" button and then select the "Task list" menu item.

OK. Now we're ready to take a look at each of the different building block move options.

Inside a paragraph

You can click the Expand/Collapse toggle icon in the top-right corner of a building block to view or hide the sub-blocks.

When I click to expand this building block, I can move any one of these sub-building blocks to rearrange the sentence order. Just select the block or blocks you want to move and then drag and drop the "Selection" tray inside the paragraph to rearrange the order.

One thing to note, you can also move building blocks by dragging them directly, but you cannot do this movement on a smartphone, you must use the "Selection" tray to move building blocks on a smartphone.

Now I'll check this one off the list.

Into another paragraph

To move a block from one paragraph into another, expand both paragraphs and then select the sub-blocks you want from the one paragraph and drag and drop the "Selection" tray into position in the other paragraph.

Remember you need both paragraphs open in order to move sub-blocks between them.

OK. We'll check that off.

Into a new paragraph

To move sub-blocks from a paragraph into a new paragraph of its own, open the "Source" paragraph and then drag and drop the sub-blocks to the location on the board where the drop-zone bar shows that it is being dropped on the board.

When the drop-zone bar is on the board itself then the building block will be placed in that location and shift all other blocks accordingly.

OK. That's another one checked.

Into a nested position

Nesting is useful for simulating a folder structure and for creating outlines.

Nesting can only be done outside a paragraph block.

If you have a sub-block or any block for that matter that you want to nest under another block, simply drag it on top of the block you want to nest it under.

You'll see that the drop-zone bar outlines the block when you hover over the block. When you drop it, the selected block appears indented under that block.

You can also see that an "Open/Close" button was added to the left of the "Parent" block.

You can nest the blocks as deeply as you want which is handy for creating outlines.

You can hide or show the nested building blocks by clicking the "Open/Close" button.

That one is checked off now.

Into an existing board

You can drag building blocks from one board to another open board.

This is super handy when you're organizing your thoughts into different categories. Just have the board open that represent the different categories of thoughts and drag and drop the ideas to their respective boards.

We can check that one off.

Into a new "Untitled" board

This scenario is interesting because when you're writing, you're inevitably going to have tangential thoughts pop up.

We recommend that you go ahead and record these thoughts in the board you're working on and then move the thoughts later.

That way you have a better change of keeping those thoughts rather than losing them because you're trying to find a place to put them.

In Speare, there is a place for every thought.

So when you have a thought that doesn't belong in the current thread, simply drag and drop it to the left or right side of the board. You'll see a vertical drop-zone bar outside of the board. Go ahead and drop the thought there.

Speare automatically opens a new board and titles the board with the text from the first block you dropped.

OK. That briefly covers the 6 drop-zones.

There's one more drag and drop feature I want to introduce and that is dragging and dropping the board itself.

Let's say I wanted to reorganize the boards in this workspace. I can grab the title of the board and drag it horizontally in either direction and release it where I want it to be.

Go ahead and play around with the drag and drop feature with building blocks and boards. This will help you become a much more fluid writer when you get comfortable with moving building blocks and boards around.