Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Hi there! This is Nathaniel.

I'm going to show you how to use Speare to write with more freedom and flexibility and how to edit what you write.

First, let's create a new board or two.

There are two places you can click to create a new board.

The most visible way to open a new board is to use the "New Board" button.

The second is the "Plus" icon in the top-right corner of the Boards panel.

You can see that by clicking both of these buttons I now have two empty boards open. If I need to close a board, I can do so by clicking the "More" button and then selecting the "Close" menu item.

By the way, Speare Pro let's me have as many boards open as I need.

To begin writing in the left board, just click the text box at the bottom of the board.

Most of your writing will be done from the text box at the bottom of the board.

When I enter a couple paragraphs of text, they are captured in building blocks.

The idea here is that when you're writing in Speare, you're more easily able to flow by quickly getting your thoughts written down and progressing to the next thought, helping you avoid the urge to edit.

I should mention here that if the board is "Untitled", the first building block becomes the title of the board. To rename the board, click the title and edit it.

To edit a building block, just click the block and it will be put into edit mode. To exit edit mode you can either hit Enter or click outside of the block.

By default, every paragraph you write in the text box is captured as the last block on the board. You can pick up and move it to another location.

We cover all the ways to move building blocks in the video on "Moving Blocks and Boards."

If you want the text box to insert blocks between blocks or above another block, you can drag and drop the "Plus" icon from the text box to any location on the board.

Now when you type in the text box and hit Enter, your text will appear at the location of the faux text box. As I enter new thoughts they appear at this new location. To go back to the default, just click the "X" to close the faux text box.

Another important feature is the ability to break a paragraph into its individual sentences.

You can do so by clicking the split paragraph toggle button in the top-right corner of the building block which lets you easily work with the individual sentences.

To edit a single sentence in a paragraph, click the split paragraph button. Then click the sentence you want to edit.

As I'm editing or writing in one board, I may have other ideas pop up that are unrelated to what I'm doing right now but are still valuable ideas.

I can go ahead and record these other ideas in a different board. I'll do that now.

Now that I've gotten those other ideas out of the way and saved in my thought library I have more capacity to think about and work on the main project.

When you're editing your content in Speare, you'll be able to use all the editing features you're already familiar with—text wrangling, double-clicking to select a word, backspace, Command and Control Keys, etc...

To learn how to move building blocks around watch the "Moving Blocks and Boards" video.