Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Hi! This is Nathaniel.

I'm going to walk you through the steps of getting up and running with Spaces.

First, what is a Space?

A Space is where you open up and arrange a visual collection of boards to suit your writing needs.

Second, you can create as many different Spaces as you want.

Third, you can load a pick list of Spaces for efficiently switching between them to get your work done.

Let's start from scratch and take a look at how we can create Spaces and access them.

By default, we have an "Untitled" Space.

You can see the name of the Space in the top left corner — to the right of the boards panel.

If I click on the Space dropdown, you can see that there are already a few options I can choose.

I can "Create a new space" by clicking the blue plus button. Let's do that now.

When I click the Space dropdown again, you can see that I now have 2 "Untitled" spaces and one of them is selected.

To see a list of all the Spaces, I can click the "See all spaces" button.

Or I can close the pick list and click the main menu and select the "Spaces" menu item.

This is how you'll get to the Spaces page on your mobile device.

I can now rename or delete any Space by clicking the "More" button on the Space.

Let's rename these Spaces, "Book Planning" and "The Book"

I'm going to click the "The Book" space to jump to it.

My team and I have a bunch of chapters already started so I can open them up in this Space.

I can rearrange the boards here by dragging and dropping the titles of the boards.

When I go back to the Spaces page, I can see that the Space titled "The Book" lists the boards just as I arranged them.

Now I'm going to jump to the "Book Planning" Space and open all the planning boards.

When I go back to the Spaces page, I can see that the Space titled "Book Planning" lists the boards I just opened.

I'm going to create a couple new Spaces here now that I think I'll need for Articles, Ideas, Notes, General Thoughts, etc...

I'll quickly add the boards to each of these Spaces by 1) clicking on the Space and then 2) opening the boards I want to work with in that Space and then 3) I'll come back to the Spaces page and repeat for each one.

If you have a lot of Spaces on the page, you can filter the Spaces list to get right to the Space you want.

OK. Now that I've created a bunch of Spaces I can quickly jump between them using this Spaces page here for desktop and mobile or using the pick list on the desktop.

Let me demonstrate how to switch between Spaces using the pick list on the desktop.

Select the Spaces dropdown and then click the Space you want to jump to.

Now let me demonstrate how to switch between Spaces on the mobile device.

Select the Main Menu icon and select Spaces.

Then scroll to the Space you want and click it.

I can make the pick list contain just the list of the Spaces I want.

There are too many Spaces opened in this pick list. I will close some of them.

OK. Now when I go back to the Spaces page, I can see that the Spaces in the pick list have bold outines around them.

That let's me know what Spaces in this list I am working with.

One last thing you should know...

When you delete a Space, the boards that were on the Space are not deleted. You are simply deleting the Space itself.

Spaces is a super powerful feature for writing the way we're wired.

Spaces give us the most flexibily to work with and organize our thoughts, ideas, and content for many different projects as they come up quickly and efficiently.