Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Hi! I'm Nathaniel.

I'm going to show you how to build a project from scratch so you can quickly be organized and efficient with your next project.

Open a Projects board.

If you haven't created one yet, open a new board and title it "My Projects". Then pin it to the top of your Boards list.

OK. Let's say you've got a writing project that has 5 sections to it.

First, let's enter the title of our project.

Then we'll nest the next 5 sections under this title. Here's a quick way to nest a list of items.

Drag and drop the Plus icon from the right side of the text box on top of the title we just entered, like this.

You can see an indented faux text box appears. Now each of the sections we enter will automatically be nested at that level.

I'll quickly enter the 5 building block sections to this project.

One of the reasons I nested these sections under the title is so that when I create other projects I can collapse and expand it, like this.

Now, I'm ready to start writing about one of these sections...

I can drag the block to either edge of the board and drop it when I see the drop indicator bar.

Voila! A new board with the title of my block is created, but the building block is no longer on my projects board.

All I need to do is now drag and drop the newly created board from the Boards panel into position on my project board.

This created a new kind of block. A "Board Link" block that will automatically open that board when the link in the block is clicked.

I can do this with each of the remaining blocks so that I have a board link for each of them.

Note: Even if I rename the board itself or the board link—the link will remain connected to the board.

I'll close all these boards quickly and test the links.

Watch the videos on Creating Project Boards and Compiling Documents to see other ways of managing projects and the different ways to compile boards together into a single document.