Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Hi there! This is Nathaniel.

In this video, I'm going to show you how you can use Speare messaging to collaborate with others sharing anything from a single building block to large writing projects with many boards.

Once you start using Speare on a regular basis to record your thoughts and organize them into ideas, you'll be ready to start recruiting others to work with you on some of your writing projects.

To access Speare messaging you can press Command or Control M (as long as you're not writing in the text box or a building block).

Or you can access Messaging from the main menu by clicking on the "Messages" menu item.

First, let's set up a simple "Channel" in Speare messaging that we can use to communicate with someone on.

Next, click the "New Channel" button and enter a title for your new channel. I'll title this channel, "Book Launch Team".

Now that I have a channel I can click the "Book Launch Team" channel and start adding users.

Note: the users that you add must already have an account on Speare. To add them, you must use the email address they use to log into Speare.

Also, Speare Messaging works with Speare Basic so users do not need a paid account to use messaging.

Now that I've added a bunch of launch team members, I can now send group messages to my team.

If I wanted to have a 1-on-1 conversation with any of the team members, I would need to set up a new Channel for myself and the other party.

I'm going to send a welcome message and a project board with a bunch of links to some of the chapters of the book and let them know that they can make suggestions for the title of the book and let them see some illustrations from the book.

I've just typed in a thought. Dragged and dropped a building block and an image onto the message thread. And dragged and dropped a clickable board link from the Boards panel.

I'm going to sign in as one of the team members.

When a team member signs into their account, they will see that they have an alert that lets them know when there is a new message on this channel.

Now this team member can respond to the message.

They can drag and drop any of the blocks to their own Space and they can click the Project Board Link to open up the available chapter links.

If they have any comments to make in any of the chapters, they can duplicate the boards, make the comments and then drag and drop the duplicated chapters as board links back onto the message thread.

This is the method that we recommend using when working on projects with others.

Speare is a flexible individual and collaborative writing environment that makes working with small to massive projects easy and fun.