Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

What is the mission of Speare?

To help people tap into their genius and become contributors.

When a person can quickly capture and organize their thoughts and easily work with them, they can tap into their genius and contribute amazing ideas.

How do we help people tap into their genius and contribute?

First, we've made capturing and organizing thoughts super fast (modeling technologies everyone is familiar with such as texting, speech-to-text, keyboard via desktop, smartphone, smartwatch) and automatically store these thoughts in their personal thought library.

Second, individual thoughts are accessible/searchable within their personal thought library so they can drag-n-drop to build new ideas with connectable blocks of thought (each thought becomes a building block).

Third, we provide a way for them to see the larger picture (of all their connectable building blocks of thought on a subject on side-by-side boards) so they can logically and clearly categorize their ideas.

Finally, we give them a way to pull all this content together seamlessly to compile articles, books, documents, scripts, etc... that become their contribution to others.

That's what Speare does. How we make it happen. And why we do it.