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Speare Fact Sheet


What is Speare?

  • Speare is a powerful, flexible, web-based “idea processor.” It enables users to easily express their thoughts and ideas in writing with speed, flexibility, and ease.

  • Speare is the easiest way to capture, develop, and share your ideas.

  • Speare helps users make their thoughts and ideas tangible. Once they're captured in digital form within Speare, it enables them to develop, organize and publish them with a minimum of friction.

  • Speare was launched in late 2016. Version 4.0 will be launched in August 2020.

The 3 key elements of Speare

  • Building blocks are movable, nestable, sharable blocks of content. They can contain text, images and links. Building blocks can contain as little as a single sentence and as much as an entire paragraph.

  • Boards are side-by-side visual panes within the Speare workspace that can contain collections of blocks. They can contain your writing or collections of knowledge, notes and ideas. Boards can be dragged and dropped into different sequences and can be shown or hidden in the workspace. They give users the ability to control the arrangement of their thoughts and ideas at a high level.

  • Spaces are collections of boards. They allow you to create and switch between different collections of boards quickly and easily. You can create a space for each major project you're working on. You can create as many spaces as you need (in the pro version; users can only create one space in the free version).

Functionality of Speare

  • Speare enables users to capture thoughts, ideas and knowledge in small chunks called building blocks that are easy to manipulate, move and connect.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for users to arrange and rearrange their ideas into cohesive narratives, plans and projects.

  • Nesting: Users can easily organize their ideas by dragging and dropping them into nested hierarchies.

  • Users can split paragraphs into individual sentences, so they can control and optimize their flow of thought.

  • Speare supports dragging and dropping of text and images into blocks. This makes conducting online research and capturing inspiring bits and pieces very easy.

  • Users can easily compile the contents of an entire workspace, composed of multiple boards, into a single document. They can also compile building blocks from a single board into a document.

  • Speare enables users to add content to their boards using hands-free capture via a smartphone. Users simply utilize their phone’s text-to-speech tool to send a text to Speare. It appears in the application within a special SMS Notes board, where it can be dragged and dropped into other boards.

  • Users can easily search their boards to gather disparate thoughts into new collections of knowledge.

  • Speare contains an integrated messaging window, where users can collaborate, gather feedback and seamlessly share content with their team members.

  • Speare supports the formatting of text blocks with markdown. It enables users to format text with heading styles, bold and italics, and to add comments and external links to notes – using only the keyboard.

  • Boards can be toggled between narrow and wide column widths for optimum readability.

  • Users can create revisions of building blocks - without losing the original text.

Who uses Speare?

Speare currently has approximately 15,000 users worldwide. They include:
  • Technical writers

  • Content creators

  • Business planners

  • Lawyers

  • Self-publishers/bloggers/book writers

  • Research and education

  • Resume writers

  • Course creators

  • Public speakers

The significance of Speare

  • “It's not just another writing tool. It's a powerful, flexible ‘idea processor.’" – Kent Sisco

  • Speare removes much of the friction from writing and capturing insights: "I don't have to worry about where to put my idea or the steps I need to take to prepare my tool to capture it. I can just add it quickly to the Speare workspace and worry about its proper place later." – Kent Sisco

  • "I believe you need to give yourself the greatest possible opportunity to enhance your thinking. Speare greatly expands it." – Kent Sisco

What’s coming in version 4.0?

  • Nested spaces for managing larger projects

  • A new projects panel on the left side of the workspace will enable users to easily build hierarchies of spaces and boards

  • Users will be able to drag and drop boards into projects.

  • Why? People want to use spaces to capture both the information and writing they plan to publish, as well as supporting information, in side-by-side boards.

Contact information

Kent Sisco
Founder & CEO
Speare, LLC