Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Speare Background


Kent Sisco’s vision for Speare

  • Speare is an easy-to-use, web-based publishing platform where you can write and publish your writing online.

  • It’s an “idea processor” that can be used as “a second brain“ or a personal knowledge base. It makes your ideas tangible.

  • "Tools should enhance, not limit, your thinking." – Kent Sisco

The limitations of existing tools

  • Most linear writing programs don't help people to structure their thoughts. They may make writer’s block worse because their complexity and learning curve creates a large amount of “friction,” which gets in the way of capturing their ideas at the speed of thought.

  • Most word processing and writing applications were never designed to capture and organize ideas. Their primary purpose is to record your writing. That means content creators must think in complete sentences, paragraphs and narratives, and record their thoughts in a fairly rigid sequence. That’s hard for many business people, entrepreneurs and writers of all stripes.

  • Existing tools make it hard to see the structure of your information. It's hidden in sentences and paragraphs and an endlessly scrolling text experience that’s intimidating to many people.

How Speare enables creative thinking and problem solving

  • Speare enables emergent structure - the ability to capture ideas in a free-form manner, and then let patterns and structure gradually emerge. Why is that important? Because forcing ideas into a structure too quickly tends to restrict one's thinking. As this structure emerges, users should be able to discern and fill gaps in their information.

  • Speare gives its users the ability to think through and solve problems, and to discover new insights and connections along the way.

  • Speare is ideal for multi-threaded thinkers – people who tend to have multiple streams of thinking going on in their brains at the same time.

  • By forcing users to capture their ideas in concise, self-contained building blocks, Speare enables succinct thinking.

  • Characteristics of the ideal idea capture tool: Many text-based tools require multiple steps to capture ideas, which diminishes the odds that you'll do so. The ideal idea capture tool needs to have as little friction as possible. Idea capture should be easy and fast. Once you've captured a constellation of ideas, it should be just as easy to modify them, add to them and arrange them in ways that make the most sense to you. This definition describes Speare very accurately!

How Speare enables writing

  • Speare streamlines the process of writing and assembling content, drafts, and documents, using a building block approach to writing

  • Building blocks make the structure of your ideas visible.

  • Side-by-side boards enable users to build narratives out of multiple collections of information, ideas and knowledge.

  • Everything you write in Speare becomes part of your searchable thought library.

How Speare supports remote work

  • Telecommuters have the freedom to think differently, more creatively and in new ways, outside of the office.

  • Speare enables that by giving remote workers more ways to interact with concepts, data and ideas.

Contact information

Kent Sisco
Founder & CEO
Speare, LLC