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  1. Capture thoughts and ideas as building blocks

  2. Connect the blocks to build different ideas

  3. Compile your great ideas to produce...

    • articles

    • books

    • courses

    • documentation

    • evidence of learning

and so much more...

Speare is a flexible tool for ideation and innovation that you can use throughout your life. When you use Speare, you quickly pick up the skill set of the thought developer. More about these skills below...

Speare just makes things click. It's a powerful and flexible tool for organizing thoughts, notes, and research into content for essays, whitepapers, scripts, speeches, patents, and many other kinds of ideas and documents.

Professionals use Speare to help them be more proficient as—knowledge workers, design thinkers, technical writers, patent lawyers, problem-solvers, business planners, communicators, entrepreneurs, authors and many others...

Take a quick peek at this video to see how Speare works...

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Write the way your brain wants to write

Sign up with Speare today. When you begin to use Speare, you'll find that Speare boosts your:
  • power to think critically

  • power to organize thoughts

  • power to write clearly

  • power to analyze information

  • power to self-learn

  • power to solve problems

Its common knowledge that most people hate writing. Speare allows people's minds to engage with information in a whole new way. Simply put, it's a work space where thinking and writing happen more naturally.

Speare is your virtual Design Thinking studio

Imagine having the capability of posting thoughts and ideas on boards and organizing them within and across movable boards and being able to "stitch" the boards together to create documents.

Work with your blocks on side-by-side boards. Thoughts and ideas go into building blocks that you can move, connect, duplicate, and search. Trying to write things in the right order from the "get go" totally disrupts the thinking process. Speare makes it easy to organize thoughts after you've gotten them written down in the order they came to you.

Speare is your personal Thought Library

Speare is like having your own personal library for all your knowledge, thoughts and ideas. They're searchable, and connectable. Anytime you need them, you know where they are. You can also send notes to your Thought Library from any device with texting capabilities such as a smartwatch.

If you take lecture notes or jot down your thoughts and ideas from reading assignments everyday, these things become part of your searchable thought library. When you need to write a paper, you'll have access to all these notes and be able to pull them together to create a draft that you can work with within minutes.

There are many ways to use Speare for learning

Everyone loves texting, right? Capture information anytime, anywhere by texting notes to Speare from your smartwatch or smartphone.

Speare is super flexible when it comes to capturing thoughts, ideas, and notes. You can type them, text them, or speak them. Use whatever method is most natural for you.

Some Speare users like to take notes on paper when listening to a lecture or when reading a book. That works, too! All you need to do to get these hand-written notes into Speare is to use speech-to-text and read your notes into Speare. You can even take a picture of your hand-written notes and upload the picture to your Speare account. Doing this helps you thwart the forgetting curve.

Speare blueprint—from ideation to innovation

  1. Explore capturing everything that interests you

    It could be thoughts about a problem you want to solve, ideas for a book you want to write or a course you want to teach. Maybe you need to prepare a speech or you need to document something. Maybe you simply want to take notes. Capturing or converting content into building blocks in Speare is generally the first step in making your ideas become tangible—come alive. Don't worry if these thoughts come randomly. The important thing is to record them.

  2. Experience connecting ideas in a new way

    In step 1, generally thoughts and ideas come to us randomly. That means we need to be able to organize them. This is where movable building blocks and boards come in. Each board should be treated as an individual idea. Side-by-side boards in a Space can be stitched together to create a larger idea.

  3. Enjoy compiling your new ideas into something great

    Board links can be added to a "project board" and organized in the order you want them to be stitched together. This feature allows you to compile large writing projects such as books and courses.

Repeat steps 1 - 3 (adding more blocks and refining them, as necessary)

Now that you have an idea of what Speare is like, all you need to do is signup at Speare.com today. Once you've done that you can start learning how to use Speare with 6 short tutorial videos.

Developing Skills for College and Career

The more you use Speare, the more you're ready for college and career. Here's a graph that shows that as your thought library grows, the skills you need to succeed improve. These skills are problem-solving, critical thinking, self-learning, thwarting the forgetting curve, developing initiative, communicating clearly and much more...

You can quickly get up to speed wielding Speare like a pro with our tutorial videos.

Speare Tutorial Videos

Get up to speed quickly wielding Speare like a pro with these videos, it'll be like earning the Speareonaut gear you need to explore the universe and beyond.
  • The Speare Interface video
    A quick overview of the Speare Method and its 4 main components—Spaces, Boards, Text Boxes, and Building Blocks. These 4 components are what make creating content and building documents efficient and so much more fun.

  • Writing and Editing video
    Speare gives you the freedom and flexibility to write the way you're wired. When you're writing in Speare, you're more easily able to flow by quickly getting your thoughts written down and progressing to the next thought. Editing at the building block level makes articulating thoughts easier.

  • Creating Documents video
    Speare is a flexible writing tool that lets you use a divide and conquer method of making large documents simpler. If you're writing a book or teaching a course, Speare lets you assign a chapter or section per board. Then you can organize the boards in the order you want and compile it all together.

  • Working with Spaces video
    The Spaces feature in Speare is for working with several projects at the same time. They give us the flexiblity and the ability to focus on a project quickly and jump to other projects as we need.

  • Creating Projects video
    Large writing projects become exceedingly easy to manage when using building blocks and side-by-side boards. Speare lets you connect thoughts to create ideas and then lets you stitch the ideas together to make massive documents in the arrangement you want. 

  • Collaborating with Others video
    Just like you capture your thoughts in your thought library in Speare, you can recruit others to work with you on writing projects and capture their thoughts, too. Speare takes the most prolific writing interface in the world (text messaging) and combines it with the power of word processing to make short work of writing and collaboration. 

Once you complete the Speare tutorial videos and begin using Speare everyday to collect and organize your thoughts and ideas, you'll be well on your way to developing the skills you need for college and your career. You can tackle scary big writing projects with confidence. You'll have earned the Speare Force badge as a Thought Developer.

Speare gives you the ability to do Distance Learning

Speare let's teachers and students send and complete assignments using a built-in feature called, "Speare Messaging". You can see more information about how to get this started by referring to the Project Collaboration document on our support page.

Exploration and Innovation

Now that you've watched the tutorial videos, you have the "gear" you need to organize thoughts and ideas, turn them into documents, and share them with others. Speare goes with you wherever you go. It's your personal thought library for exploration and innovation...

Speare drag and drop interface (using an image as an example)

Speare excels at helping you organize your ideas so that you can see the big picture in different ways. Check out this video that uses an image of a Speareonaut broken up in individual building blocks to demonstrate how moving building blocks helps you see the big picture when you're developing a new idea.

Sign up for Speare right here and start writing faster and easier than ever before.

Speare is a web app

Here is a list of devices that Speare works with via a Google Chrome or Safari browser...
  • iMac—Chrome or Safari

  • Windows PC—Chrome

  • Chromebooks—Chrome

  • iPad—Chrome or Safari

  • Android Tablets—Chrome

  • iPhone—Chrome or Safari

  • Android Smartphones—Chrome

  • iWatch—Text messaging only

  • Android Smartwatches—Text messaging only

Now is the time to START...

Now is the time to start developing the skills you need to succeed. Speare Pro is a tool that you can use for the rest of your life—when you're in learning mode, working, or exploring new ideas and creating new ones. Speare will help you become a thought developer and innovator.

Feel free to contact us if you get stuck

Checkout our Support/FAQs and feel free to contact us anytime at support@speare.com.


P.S. Speare is short for Shakespeare, because it makes short work of thinking and writing.