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Speare - Why We Do What We Do.

Alexander Sisco -- July 28th, 2017

Why we do it

For many people, writing is a mystery, a convoluted process that just magically turns out for the "gifted". If asked, it is likely that the rest of us would admit that we don't like writing in the first place, and would do anything to avoid it. The reason we don't enjoy writing is because the tools we use are of little help when it comes to the process of writing itself.

Today's typical word processor is not sufficient for the writing process. It's a tool who's primary function is typesetting. We think it's high time that somebody took a look at writing as a craft and designed a tool for the process not just for the finished product.

The Speare difference

How are we doing it? By designing a writing tool that works with the mind, not against it. Our minds need space to think and freedom to experiment. Thoughts and ideas should be visual and tangible objects that you can pick up and reorder. The product that we have designed, and are continuing to hone, makes sense of the mystery of writing and brings joy to the process.

If you get the writing process right, you are going to get the finished product right. - Kent Sisco, CEO of Speare.com

Building Blocks

The writing tool we have built captures your thoughts using building blocks in a side-by-side document environment. Building blocks can be moved within and across multiple documents, allowing you to work with as many documents as you want at the same time. Building blocks are creative tools for writing. Stack them, nest them, shape them, and search them - all from your browser on your mobile device and your desktop.

Building blocks work with your brain the way your brain wants to work with your thoughts. In Speare, all of this happens with such ease that it actually becomes a joy to write. Speare makes writing fun by making the process fun. So create a Speare account today and experience the joy of writing in Speare.