Speare Blog posted on Apr 20 2018 6:53PM

Innovations in Writing

Many of us don't consider ourselves writers. We don't sit down at our computers every day to type, or take a notebook and scribble away our thoughts.

Lynnea Smoyer – August 25th, 2017

But we all daily send texts or write emails or jot down notes—and we don't think twice about it. We simply communicate and share our thoughts.

What if there was a way to make writing a paper (or blog or book) just as painless and easy as writing a post on social platforms? Or as effortless as sending a voice text?

Speare, a new web-based writing application, makes this possible. Speare is a side-by-side document environment that takes the elastic text box from social platforms and combines it with the power of the word processor. Kent Sisco created the app in 2015, after identifying a need for a better writing tool—one that helped eliminate writer's block and encouraged more people to write. Speare was built with this in mind and with a mission to make writing more enjoyable.

So how does it work? Instead of sitting down in front of a blank piece of paper or computer screen, you can access Speare from any phone or mobile device.

Speare allows you to enter small pieces of text at a time—a single thought or idea.

The text blocks grow as you type, so you don't have to worry about the looming blank page.

Every entry becomes a "Building Block" that can be easily moved within or across documents. You can then edit, split, merge, expand, revise, or format these text bubbles.

Because the app allows you to easily reorganize your ideas, there's no hesitation in just writing them down.

Speare also offers a speech-to-text feature that allows you to capture your thoughts while taking the dog for a walk or cleaning up around the house—because sometimes our best ideas come to us when we're not sitting in front of a computer.

And perhaps even more important, unlike the word processor, Speare does not unwittingly force writers to skip the writing process.

Speare makes brainstorming easy, and it's ideal for organizing thoughts, outlining, composing, and revising content with the best opportunity to be succinct and to focus on strong reasoning.

Imagine writing a research paper while having facts and quotes in one document column, with the ability to simply drag and drop them into your main paper as needed in a side-by-side document view.

You can also easily create hierarchy, adding a text block into another to group similar ideas together.

And when you want to simply focus on one document, the solo view allows you to do so.

Speare also allows you to:

* share documents and collaborate with other groups or in individuals;

* instantly publish your writing as "SpeareBites" to your own online channel;

* work within an intuitive interface that's designed to eliminate roadblocks between you and your writing.

What's more, Speare allows you to search within your writing for specific words, phrases, or even ideas. Can't remember what color eyes your main character has? Or when Shakespeare was born? Just ask Speare to find this information for you within your documents and notes.

Speare was designed to bring out the writer in all of us.

It's all about eliminating writer's block. You'll never have to stare at an ominous blank screen again.

It's all about building a habit of writing every day.

It's all about easy access. You can use Speare from your phone or mobile device.

It's all about bringing the joy of writing to the forefront.

It's all about making writing more intuitive, more natural, more fun.

With innovative features, Speare has the capability of transforming the way we think of and approach writing. The first step to learning to write well (and enjoy it) is to choose the best tool for the job. Choose Speare.