Speare Blog posted on Apr 20 2018 6:53PM

Enjoying the process of writing, not just the finished product

Looking back over three decades of writing and just recently making a huge discovery that has revolutionized my life.

Kent Sisco -- July 25th, 2017

We were already pressed for time preparing for a meeting with big potential partners who were determining a Go/No Go decision on an idea we had been prototyping. We knew they didn't have much to go on to make that decision. So two days earlier, I volunteered to take on the task of writing up the documentation (along with my other software development work) to address the scope of the project, the business opportunities, and pull together a basic user manual for the demo (back when user manuals were required to run everything).

I can't tell you how frustrated I already was with the process that "the word processor of the day" was limited to, when my colleague walked in and said, "Hey, pack your bags, we're heading out in the morning."

"What? I thought we weren't leaving for two more days..."

"Well, someone changed the meeting and you'll just have to finish the rest of it with the time you've got left."

There was no way I was going to be able to get all the documents, we'd planned to present, done in the remaining time. The word processor I was using was incapable of the task. It was unable to easily move large pieces of content around within a single document, much less move around content across multiple documents. I was forced to drop all the documents but one, the "demo" documentation, and was left crafting a brief summary of the contents of all the remaining.

I stayed up all night, loathing the limiting capabilities of the "big blank page". Although I did complete the job, it was done without enjoying a single second of it. I slept the entire flight. We gave the demo. They reviewed the documentation. They gave us the "Go"... and the money.

OK. So we got the money. That's not the point. The point is, if you don't have the right tools for any job, you're not going to enjoy the process. By the way, the word processors of today aren't much better.

As a result of that meeting, I became the designated "writer" and I've held that title for the better part of 30 years. It's been a personal journey that has led me to believe I wasn't a writer. That's because at no point did I enjoy the process of writing.

But recently, I discovered a better solution in a hybrid word processor that uses dynamic building blocks instead of "the big blank static page" to write in. All of the sudden, I'm enjoying the process. Now I'm writing more than ever before and enjoying every second of it.

I am so thankful my team and I developed Speare, the hybrid word processor that makes writing, an enjoyable process.

If you're writing but find that you don't enjoy the writing process, then I highly recommend writing with Speare. It will change your attitude towards writing.