Speare Blog posted on Apr 20 2018 6:53PM

Building Blocks for Business

Nothing will change your business life more than the product that helps you turn what you think and what you write into building blocks.

"Speare will change your business life," that's what I told a local business meetup when asked, "What does Speare do?" "Speare turns my thoughts into building blocks. It's changed my business and got me thinking more efficiently. It's helped me help myself get unstuck and has been the catalyst for developing the solutions my clients and I want."

Thinking and writing is integral to carving out a path to success. Everything that you think is important in your business today will take on the look of a much more tangible building block the moment you write it down. You may not remember exactly what inspired your innovations in the past, but if you had been developing your thoughts as building blocks along the way, you would've been able to connect them today to clearly see exactly how you got to where you are currently. Not only that, you'd be able to more easily extrapolate the possibilities going forward into the future.

Here's how your business can change...
  • What are repeated failures finally become lessons learned

  • Efficiencies bubble to the top

  • Productivity becomes recognizable and adopted

  • Your mission and vision gain clarity

  • Psychological obstacles get eliminated

  • New possibilities and opportunities open up

  • You become keenly aware of what to work on today

The list goes on...

Adopt the habit of writing for the purpose of thinking. Write down everything that affects your business from the things that hinder it to the things that make it work well. Do this throughout the day, every day.

Tremendous efficiencies begin to develop when you think in terms of 1) capturing and 2) organizing your thoughts. This 2-step activity is what turns random thoughts into ideas. What you write down and organize begins to act as a guide helping you to create the track you need to be on and helps you work towards the goal at the end of it. Repeatedly rewriting the same thoughts and ideas only helps you to articulate those ideas and solidify them.

When everything you write and think about is encapsulated in your own personal knowledge base of thought, you can quickly and easily create relationships between them to produce new ideas. Whether you're tweeting, emailing, text messaging or researching or documenting something to blogging, writing a book or creating courses, you're working with thoughts that you organize in such a way to enable the production of new ideas that can be shared with others, consumed, learned and further developed into other ideas that continually keep you moving forward.

The ideas that produce the most energy are the ones you're most prolific about. While you may write down tangential ideas from time-to-time, it's hard to get sidetracked by them when you're developing the idea that captures your imagination the most.

It's okay to explore all kinds of thoughts and develop different ideas when you don't know which ones to focus on at first. As you develop the habit of writing and using writing for thinking, the idea that you should be working on will come to the forefront and will naturally become the place you direct all your focus towards.

Develop the habit of writing your thoughts down every day, throughout the day and you'll soon see solutions to problems you and your clients want and you'll be articulating your mission with much more clarity and focus.